Summer Bridge Program

Dixie State’s Summer Bridge Program is for students who want to improve their writing skills, place into English 1010, and be ready for the first day of class. The Bridge Program consists of approximately 8 hours of preparatory, online coursework and a one-day on-campus training.

The Bridge Program is intended for incoming students who have earned an English ACT score of 10-13 and are therefore required to take English 1000— a developmental  course that prepares you to eventually take English 1010, the university’s first-year writing course. At the start of the Bridge Program, you will take the sentence-skills portion of Dixie State’s college-placement test (CPT). Don’t worry if you don’t do very well because you’ll have the chance to take it later in the day after attending the Bridge Program. The day of the bridge program, you’ll spend approximately six hours in the classroom: three in the morning (following a light breakfast) and three in the afternoon (following a delicious lunch). At the end of the afternoon class, you’ll have the chance to retake the CPT. Retaking the exam within twenty-four hours after spending the day learning about sentence-skills and writing from our finest English professors will likely boost your CPT score, enabling you to test out of English 1000 and enroll directly into English 1010.

After successfully completing the CPT at the end of the program, advisors will be on standby to help you register for English 1010 so that you’re ready to go when fall semester begins.

How to Register:

If you are enrolling for the Summer Bridge course, you will first need to contact admissions at to change your start date to Summer 2018.

After you have changed your start date to Summer 2018, please register through your myDixie immediately. Below, you will find the needed CRN numbers to register for the program. The cost is only $90, which covers two attempts at the CPT, classroom instruction, Canvas resources, lodging for the night, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner the day of the program.

Upcoming Summer-Bridge Program Dates and CRN Number

Thursday, July 12th (Precedes Friday, July 13th New Student Orientation) CRN: 30422

Thursday, July 19th (Precedes Friday, July 20th New Student Orientation) CRN: 30423

Thursday, August 9th (Precedes Friday, August 10th New Student Orientation) CRN: 30424

*Use this CRN number to register for the Summer Bridge Class in myDixie

Meet the Summer-Bridge English Professor for 2018

Susan Ertel

Have questions about the program? Contact Dr. Cheri Crenshaw, English Department Chair, at (435) 652-7896 or by email at