Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Student Orientation required?

Yes, all new freshmen are required to attend. Any students with extenuating circumstance (e.g. coming from Alaska) should contact the Student Success Center at 435-879-4691 or email for other arrangements.

What is Online Pre-Orientation and why do I need it?

There is a tremendous amount of information that new freshmen need to get started in school; the pre-orientation is designed to give you the information that you will need to choose the right classes and enroll.   You will also get other useful information, including choosing the right major, financial aid tips, and more! This is an online course made up of 6 modules that will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete.

When will I register for classes?

New Freshmen will begin registering around April 24th. The Online Pre-Orientation course will also be available April 24th, and after you have completed it, you will be cleared to register for classes. The course will prepare you for a smooth transition to Dixie State University and direct you to the right advisor who will assist you with a pathway to graduation.

Can my advisor help me get registered?

After completing the Online Pre-Orientation course, you will be directed to an advisor within your major (or an advisor for undecided majors). Through an advisor course, your advisor will provide you with the information you need to register for the right classes for your major. Your advisor will contact you to help answer any questions you may have. And you will also have the opportunity to meet with your advisor in person at New Student Orientation.

What is the First Year Experience (FYE) Class?

Every freshman student will benefit from enrolling in FYE. This one-credit course will give you the tools and success skills that you will need to thrive and succeed in college. Research has shown that students who participate in FYE are more likely to stay in college and earn a college degree.

How much does New Student Orientation Cost?

It’s free! While other colleges and universities charge you an “Enrollment Fee” or an Orientation Fee, we recognize that college is already expensive enough. In addition to providing lunch, we’re also getting you a t-shirt!

Can my parents and/or family attend Orientation?
Yes!   We encourage you to bring family members.  They will be able to support you as they attend some of the same sessions you will attend, including the transition to college life, and we have sessions designed specifically for them.   We just need to know how many to expect for lunch.

What are the dates of Orientation?
The available dates are viewable when you access the online registration form and choose from the pull-down menu. They are also shown on our Orientation Schedule page.

Where do I park once I arrive to New Student Orientation?
Park near the Avenna Center / Cox Auditorium. There is a parking lot just north of the building (near the tennis courts). Check out this map to see the exact location.

What if I want to come at a different time than what I signed up for?
You can e-mail and the Orientation Office will attempt to reschedule you, depending on space availability.

Is there a deadline to register for an Orientation Session?
You should reserve your space as soon as you can determine the best time for you and other family members to attend. The deadline is one week prior to each session.

If I am traveling from out of town and flying in, which airport should I fly into, and are there shuttles available?
Saint George has a regional airport that can be found at this website: But the closest international airport is Las Vegas International Airport. Depending on traffic, it takes approximately two hours to drive north to Saint George. There are several shuttle services available, although renting a car would be more convenient and allow you to see the area while you are here.

When will I receive confirmation of my New Student Orientation Date?
We will call you and send you an e-mail within a few days of completing the Orientation Registration form to confirm your date, so please make sure to provide an accurate e-mail address.

Do I need to be admitted before attending New Student Orientation?
Yes. All students should be admitted before attending. Students should have the Online Pre-Orientation course finished before attending New Student Orientation, and in order to login to the Online Pre-Orientation course, students must first be admitted.

What should I wear to New Student Orientation?
Dress comfortably. Also recognize that during June and July in St. George, it can get warm (OK hot), so no jackets will be needed. We’ll be taking your picture for your picture ID, so look your best.

Where should I report when I arrive to New Student Orientation?
Freshman Orientation begins at the Avenna Center / Cox Auditorium, just south of the tennis courts. Park just to the north east of the building in the parking lot near the tennis courts. Check out this map to see the exact location.

What business can I take care of while at New Student Orientation?
In addition to getting your picture taken for an ID card, you will have the chance to visit any of our Student Services offices after orientation, including Financial Aid, Disability Resource Center, Housing, etc.

If I have additional questions about New Student Orientation, who should I contact?
Our staff at the Student Success Center are happy to answer any of your questions.  They can be reached by calling 435.879.4691, or via e-mail at